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Free Webinar • Friday, August 12th

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Developing and coaching the sales team by sitting in on their sales calls is one of the best ROI opportunities open to any organization, large or small. Becoming a great coach requires implementing effective, strategic & tactical coaching. 

What should "Ride-Alongs" focus on?
  • Placing the events of the sales call into a logical time-based order
  • Clearing up misconceptions regarding the outcomes and events of the call
  • Acknowledging the accomplishments of individuals and teams
  • Providing individuals with a sense of importance and belonging
  • "Ride-Alongs" allow the sales manager to coach for immediate improvement

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The seven deadly sins of sales managers on live calls
  • Deploying a sales template checklist to maximize results
  • Organizing field visits and the four stages of the ride-along
  • The trust triad for sales managers and their team members
Join our 60 minute session and learn 4 key "Ride-Alongs" that will boost your sales team results.
“In our digitally-driven, interactive-media era, ride-alongs are critically important to increasing the self-sufficiency of staff as well as dramatically improving their skills and motivation.”

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